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Digitized Healthcare Services: How Mental Healthcare Platforms Shape Therapy

(PhD Dissertation under Supervision Professor Zeynep Arsel)

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The telecommunication advancements connecting service providers with consumers have led to the digitization of several markets. This digitization has even impacted markets that offer services that entail emotions and interpersonal interactions. Such services have traditionally taken place in-person; examples are tutoring, personal physical training, and career or life coaching. In response to the COVID-19-related lockdowns and business closures, people have had to seek interpersonal services online with the help of technology. To study the effect of online platforms on interpersonal services, I collect data by investigating the interface and technical features of online platforms that allow therapists and their clients to meet virtually. I also interview both therapists and clients to inquire about their experience with online therapy. This research studies the impact of online platforms on the interactions and relationships between service providers and clients and the quality and outcome of the digitized service.

Read my articles about this research in The Montreal Gazette & The Conversation.

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The Emotional Economy of Animals on the Internet (Submitted to JCR with my co-author Professor Zeynep Arsel)

Invited revision for 3rd round, Journal of Consumer Research

Our paper extends research on the consumption of and with animal companions and the emotional capacities of material and digital objects. Our work also has relevance to consumers themselves, media that frequently use pet content for emotional appeal, and managers that leverage this type of content in online marketing campaigns.

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