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Current Research Projects

Digitized Healthcare Services: How Mental Healthcare Platforms Shape Therapy

(PhD Dissertation under Supervision Professor Zeynep Arsel)

Currently Recruiting Participants

In today’s anxiety-heightened climate, people are on constant alert about pandemics, wars, racial injustice, gender inequality, climate change, food and fuel insecurity, and fires amidst other natural and political crises. As a response to these stress-inducing global crises, and in the context of the pandemic-related restrictions, people have had to seek therapy online. The increased accessibility of therapy due to technology is also situated within the context of broader de-stigmatization and marketization of the practice. However, this medium of therapy delivery is not without its faults, as there have been concerns about data breaches, unlicensed service providers, and a dearth of diversity in the demographics and life experiences of professionals.


The Emotional Economy of Animals on the Internet (Submitted to JCR with my co-author Professor Zeynep Arsel)

Invited revision for 3rd round, Journal of Consumer Research

Our paper extends research on the consumption of and with animal companions and the emotional capacities of material and digital objects. Our work also has relevance to consumers themselves, media that frequently use pet content for emotional appeal, and managers that leverage this type of content in online marketing campaigns.

Image by Krista Mangulsone

Working Paper with Pierre Dolbec and Eileen Fischer

To be Submitted to the Journal of Consumer Research

In this paper, we explore how consumption has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Crowd with Masks
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