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Pubs & Conferences: About
Pubs & Conferences: About

Conferences, Invited Talks, & Podcasts

Shamayleh, G. (Guest) (2022, November). Improving Therapy Delivered Digitally [CBC Let's Go with Sabrina Marandola]

Shamayleh, G. (Organizer) (2022, November). Discussion Panel: A Conversation about the Platformization of Mental Healthcare. 

Shamayleh, G. (2022, July). The Digital Emotional Economy of Cute Animals on the Internet, Consumer Culture Theory Conference.

Shamayleh, G. (2022, February). The Digital Emotional Economy of Cute Animals on the Internet, Montreal Business Schools’ Ph.D. Symposium.

Shamayleh, G. (Guest) (2022, Jan 05), The Cute Economy [Global News Radio 630CHED]]

Shamayleh, G. (Guest) (2021, Dec 24), The Cute Economy [Global News Radio 770CHQR]]

Shamayleh, G. (2021, October). Family Influencers as Digital Family Entrepreneurship: Monetizing a Collective Human Brand, Association for Consumer Research Conference.

Shamayleh, G. & Arsel, Z. (Guests) (2021, May 21), They're all good dogs (and cats?) [Audio podcast episode] 

Shamayleh, G. & Arsel, Z. Performative Human Pet Assemblages on Social Media. (guest speaker for Consumption, Media and Participatory Culture Seminar at HEC Montréal, Fall 2020)

Arsel, Z., & Shamayleh, G. (2020, October). Orchestrating Pet Influencers: Rhetorical and Visual Strategies in Creating Mediated Platform Content, Association for Consumer Research Conference.

Shamayleh, G. (2018). Man’s Best Social Media Proxy: Instagram Pet Micro-Celebrities [Poster]. Annual Graduate Research Exposition, Montreal, Qc, Canada.  

Shamayleh, G. (2017). Cats, Account Managers, and Followers: Pet Micro-celebrities as Influencers [Poster]. Annual Graduate Research Exposition, Montreal,  Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

Pubs & Conferences: About
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