Current Academic and Service Positions

Concordia Public Scholar

May 2022 - May 2023

Selected as one of ten Concordia Public Scholars; completed eight weeks of strategic public communications training. Public Scholars program was launched in 2016, in partnership with the Montreal Gazette, to showcase the outstanding research being conducted by Concordia’s doctoral students. In 2022, the program was expanded to include partnerships with Le Devoir and The Conversation.

Co-author with & Research Assistant for Zeynep Arsel

May 2017 -  Present

  1. Collect, organize, and code data for multiple research projects.

  2. Test drive pedagogical tutorials. 

  3. Assist with the literature review. 

  4. Benefits me through  

  • hands-on experience in different aspects of research practice (methods, literature review, and writing), and 

  • educating me on the common research interests between my professor  

Co-author with Pierre-Yann Dolbec and Eileen Fischer

May 2020 - Present

  1. Conducted 39 interviews.

  2. Composed summaries for each interview. 

  3. Written sections of the manuscript.

  4. Participated in data analysis and theorization.

  5. Benefited me through  

  • hands-on experience with semi-structured research interviews.  

  • experience in building on, developing, and advancing ideas from data  

  • promoted from research assistant to co-author 

Organizing Committee Member for 2023 Montreal Business Schools Ph.D. Symposium

May 2022 - Present

  1. Building the symposium’s schedule and activities 

  2. Recruiting instructors for pre-symposium workshops 

  3. Liaising between the committee and Concordia students