Professional Bio

Social Media & Marketing Scholar

I am a Marketing Ph.D. Candidate at the John Molson School of Business of Concordia University and am lucky enough to call Professor Zeynep Arsel, my academic supervisor. My background is in Marketing, as I have a BSc in Economics with a concentration in Marketing from the Wharton School of Business and an MSc in Marketing from Concordia University. My research interests pertain to the effect of technology and the internet, namely social media, on consumers in terms of their expression of identity, their relationships with other consumers, and their relationships with the brands they consume. If you would like to learn more about my research or collaborate with me on a research project, please do not hesitate to connect with me!


Scholarly Work

Shamayleh, G., & Arsel, Z. (2021, Dec 23). Have an Instagram Account For Your Pet? Love Sharing Funny Animal Videos? You’re Part of The

         Cute Economy. The Conversation.     

Shamayleh, G. & Arsel, Z. (Accepted, 2021), “From Blogs to Platforms: Content Landscape and Affordances,” in Routledge Handbook of

       Digital Consumption.

Dolbec, P., Fischer, E., & Shamayleh, G. (Working Paper).

Shamayleh, G. & Arsel, Z. (Under Review). Performative Human Pet Assemblages on Social Media. 

Shamayleh, G. (2019). Engagement and Monetization on Instagram Pet Influencer Communities [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Concordia

       University, Montreal, Canada.

Conferences, Invited Talks, Podcasts, & Posters

Shamayleh, G. (2022, July). The Digital Emotional Economy of Cute Animals on the Internet, Consumer Culture Theory Conference.

Shamayleh, G. (2022, February). The Digital Emotional Economy of Cute Animals on the Internet, Montreal Business Schools’ Ph.D.


Shamayleh, G. (Guest) (2022, Jan 05), The Cute Economy [Global News Radio 630 CHED]

Shamayleh, G. (Guest) (2021, Dec 24), The Cute Economy [Global News Radio 770 CHQR]

Shamayleh, G. (2021, October). Family Influencers as Digital Family Entrepreneurship: Monetizing a Collective Human                                

          Brand, Association for Consumer Research Conference.

Shamayleh, G. & Arsel, Z. (Guests) (2021, May 21), They're all good dogs (and cats?) [Audio podcast


Shamayleh, G. & Arsel, Z. Performative Human Pet Assemblages on Social Media. (guest speaker for Consumption, Media and     

          Participatory Culture Seminar at HEC Montréal, Fall 2020)

Arsel, Z., & Shamayleh, G. (2020, October). Orchestrating Pet Influencers: Rhetorical and Visual Strategies in Creating Mediated Platform

          Content, Association for Consumer Research Conference.

Shamayleh, G. (2018). Man’s Best Social Media Proxy: Instagram Pet Micro-Celebrities [Poster]. Annual Graduate Research Exposition,

          Montreal, Qc, Canada.  

Shamayleh, G. (2017). Cats, Account Managers, and Followers: Pet Micro-celebrities as Influencers [Poster]. Annual Graduate

          Research Exposition, Montreal, Qc, Canada.

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Graduate Courses Taken

MSc & Ph.D. courses

Master of Science in Marketing

January 2017 - September 2019

Winter 2017

Consumer Research Methodology (A+)

Qualitative Research Methodology (A+)

Price Management (A-)

Fall 2017

Applied Linear Statistics (A)

Research Methodology (A+)

Brand Management (A)

Winter 2018

Motivation, Evaluation, & Rewards (A)

Fall 2018

Entrepreneurship Seminar (A-)

Program CGPA: 4.04

Doctor of Philosophy, Business Administration (Marketing)

September 2019 - May 2024

Fall 2019

Technology and Intimacy (A)

Advances in Consumer Behavior (A-)

Winter 2020

Digital Culture/Methodology (A)

Online Consumer Marketing (A)

Pedagogy (A)

Fall 2020

Consumer Culture Theory Seminar (A+)

Winter 2021

Seminar in Qualitative Research Methods (A)

Summer 2021

Literature Reviews and Knowledge Synthesis (A)

Fall 2021

Comprehensive Exam (PASS)

Current Program CGPA: 4.00